The future belongs to online booking

People are more mobile than ever. And so are their means of communication: People shop, search and book appointments using their smartphones. So seize the opportunity now – and make your business more efficient and successful.
...Swiss people use their smartphones
every day
...find the services they seek using a
search engine (Google, etc.)
...every other user books the service
found online in less than an hour.
Netagenda brings more drive to your business – and it’s simple and inexpensive. Your customers can book appointments online that you and your staff can then manage online as well. Your time management and scheduling becomes more flexible and your company uses its capacities more effectively.

netagenda ™ makes your business fit. With advantages that are significant and measurable.

  • Online Kalender

    Easy integration of netagenda ™ calendar to your website or Facebook profile

  • Verfuegbarkeit

    Customers can make reservations around the clock – without calling or visiting your location

  • Glocke

    Automatic appointment reminder for your customers by email or SMS

  • Statistik

    Full control of your workload and appointments

  • Marketing

    Not to mention a steady flow of new customers – thanks to the ever-growing Netagenda network

  • Volles Haus

    Better use of capacity on quiet days and relief at peak times through targeted campaigns

Book&Go discount

Customers always love a good deal. And you want your workload to be distributed evenly. The Book&Go app for spontaneous booking allows both.

Live discount

Example: You announce an appointment with a 20% discount two hours in advance. Half an hour later, the discount has risen to 31% – and the appointment is booked!


Looking to get your hair cut sometime in the next three days? With the Book&Go app, users can subscribe to available dates at all their favourite service providers.

Push notifications

Free appointments are sent to your customers on their smartphone.

Netagenda Mobile Website

With Netagenda, you open your business doors to the mobile world.
Wherever netagenda™ is, you and your business can be found as well.

Thanks to Netagenda, you’re right where your potential customers are:
on the internet and social media such as Facebook and Co..
Seize the opportunity to publish special offers on Netagenda and get the attention your business deserves

Netagenda strengthens your presence on the internet: Always up to date and effective.
Your Netagenda mobile website looks great on every device.
The Netagenda mobile website will bring you to the top in Google searches.